HURMA on lehti seksuaalioikeuksista

Your Sexual Rights

You have the right to ENJOY your sexuality!

... to enjoy your own body and sexuality.

... to have satisfying sexual life, as long as you don't harm or oppress anyone.

... to show sexual willingness and yet the right to change your mind and refuse at any point of sexual contact.

You have the right to BE RECOGNIZED!

... to express your sexuality for example with looks or behavior.

... to be yourself and make independent decisions on your own, and also express your opinions on your sexuality.

You have the right to INFLUENCE!

... to influence decisions related to young people.

... to have a genuine possibility to influence plans and decisions concerning on your sexual health.

... to be involved in planning sexual health services for young people.

You have the right to PRIVACY!

... to have sexual health services that are confidential, in such a way that the reasons for clinic visit are kept private.

... to decide what you share for example on social media about your sexuality.

… to enjoy masturbation and get to know to your own body without disturbance.

You have the right to PROTECTION!

... to protect yourself and to be protected from unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual abuses.

... to live free from restrictive reading of religious texts, beliefs, ideologies and traditions or sexual violations against your body.

No one is allowed to bully, discriminate or hurt you due to your gender, sexual characteristics, physical or mental development or underdevelopment.

No one is allowed to downplay you in such a way it is offending your sexuality (for example slut-shaming and gay-bashing) and no one is allowed to sexually harass you.

You have the right to INFORMATION!

... to have information on contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and your sexual rights.

... to have information on the natural character of sexuality and diverse ways of safely experience sexual satisfaction, happiness and balance.

You have the right to HEALTH!

... to have easy access to sexual health services where you are treated by adults who respect young people.

... to have services that come from your needs, are affordable and confidential.

… to have sufficient amount of information and contraception to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

... to have access to abortion done in time and with all proper skill, and also right to continue pregnancy and get all necessary support.